Jan de Haas

Hello my name is Jan de Haas I’m 58 years old and I live in a small town of Dongen in the Netherlands, further on I’m married have 2 kids 1 boy and 1 girl and 3 lovely granddaughters.

My biggest hobby is fly fishing and fly tying. Fishing in Holland I do especially for Pike in the wintertime and in the spring and fall I’m finding in the polder water for roach and white fish or on  little streams in Belgium and Germany on running water. 


In 2018 Ann Kitchener give me a call if  I would be interested in a collaboration with the company Semperfli, and to be part of there worldwide Semperfli pro-team, I took the offer to work with such a nice family company with two hands.

Using semperfli materials gives the flytyer so many possibilities and the sustainability of the fish fly improve. And do not forget the powerful Nanosilk and recently on the market the new Waxed thread in different sizes and colors, a recommendation for any flytyer: https://www.semperfli.net



In 2019 Mark Hamnett from Partridge of Redditch hooks and Sprite hooks asked me to be part of there team as a Brand Ambassador what is a big opportunity to work for this beautiful company. Partridge hooks have been present at every tyingtable from the past when tyers around the globe, for their workmanship and versatility. Whether fishing at sea, little streams, salmon, pike or you can choose from a selection of there hooks that you'll not find anywhere: http://www.partridge-of-redditch.co.uk



My specialty is tying dry flies, spiders and nymphs that I have showed last year on fly fairs in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Scotland and in Norway on the Nordic Fly Fair.


The aim of this new website is to maximize my passion of flyfishing and flyting and to share with you and hope that you also give inspiration to share new methods and tying it again with another flytyers around the globe.

Are there any questions or comments, please give me an email: dutchflytying@gmail.com

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